Cleaning, Tension Leveling and Chemical Treatment


Cleaning Section Products


To coat the strip uniformly, you must first get the substrate clean and dry. The best way for you to do this is with an ADS White Glove™ strip cleaning system.


  • Horizonal & Vertical
  • Multiple Stage Cleaning & Rinsing
  • Steam, Electric or Gas Solution Heating
  • Cascade Rinsing Systems

ADS can provide cleaning equipment preceding or following the entry accumulator or in both locations. Typically, these sections contain multiple stage cleaning, brushing, rinsing, and Chemical treatment processes.



Tension Leveling Products


You and your customers will benefit by including an ADS tension leveling system into your line. You will get higher yields because the excellent flatness of the strip preludes “skips” and coating thickness variations.


  • Eliminates Wavy Edges and Centre Buckle
  • Higher Yields


Since there are no residual stresses, your customers will not have problems with springback as they blank or form the painted metal.



Chemical Treatment Products


ADS can incorporate chemical coaters in the system design. The roll coaters supplied for the application will be designed to your particular requirements by your preferred manufacturer.


  • Vertical or Horizonal Systems can be Provided
  • Systems Designed for Space Availability


After applying the surface preparation, ADS will fabricate a chemical dryer followed by a cooler to lower the temperature to the desired level for application of the prime coating. The ADS dryer utilizes the waste heat from the afterburner exhaust as its primary source of energy. An auxiliary burner is provided for supplementary heat, should it be required.


  • Utilizes Waste Heat with Burner Backup
  • Plant or Chilled Cooling Tower
  • Water Cooled Rolls Available