Let Us Evaluate Your System

ADS Machinery - Oven

All systems provided by ADS are equipped to meet and exceed the requirements of MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology). Our designs can capture 100% of the coater room exhaust and deliver it to the incineration system where a 98% destruction of the VOC occurs.

With ever increasing gas costs, ADS designs systems that recover energy from the incineration process and deliver it back to the ovens to offset operating costs. We don’t just build ovens and incinerators. Because we understand the curing processes involved, WE BUILD AND INTEGRATE SYSTEMS.

As an added service to the coil coating Industry, apart from building systems, we offer an engineering evaluation of your existing system to help identify and determine the energy conservation potential. The cost for this service in most cases is covered in the first couple month’s fuel savings should our recommendations be applied.

To find out if such a venture is practical, call 330-399-3601 extension 221 and ask for “the Exhaust Contact”. We will either answer your call immediately or call you back when one of our experts becomes available. We will then provide you with our “Exhaust Survey Form” in either Imperial or Metric units to fill out and submit to better assess your application.